Chaplaincy Program

What is Beaconsfield Chaplaincy?

Chaplaincy is a Christian Ministry under the C.H.I.P.S. (Christians Helping In Primary Schools). It is relational in nature and builds bridges of trust, confidence and competency among students, staff and parents.
Chaplaincy has at its core Pastoral Care. It involves a mixture of pastoral care, counselling, nurturing, teaching and support.
Chaplaincy is funded by the Australian Government Department of Education, Employment and Workplace Relations under the National School Chaplaincy and Student Welfare Program.

What does Beaconsfield Primary School’s Chaplaincy offer?

Chaplaincy provides a resource that helps to help meet the spiritual and pastoral needs of students, staff and parents. This includes care and acceptance to all, regardless of race, gender, religious or cultural background
Chaplaincy provides an educational resource for teachers in the classroom
Chaplaincy provides support for children who need help dealing with grief & loss, divorce, fears, behavioural problems; low self esteem and relationship issues
Chaplaincy provides a safe environment for people to share with someone who will listen
Chaplaincy provides assistance in times of crisis
Provides weekend and day away activities.

How do children benefit from Chaplaincy?

Unconditional acceptance
One to one referral sessions
Support group sessions
Building self esteem and hope
Games, art, and teaching activities.

How can I access the Chaplain’s services?

Beaconsfield Primary School Chaplaincy currently operates two days per week- Monday and Thursday with Glenn Douglas.
Support may be provided for a single session or for a period of time at no cost to the parent/guardian
The student/Chaplain session may take place during class time or during lunch hour out of the classroom with teacher and parent permission
The Chaplains of Beaconsfield Primary School is available for informal chats to discuss any issues of concern to support students and can be contacted through the School Office.


Glenn Douglas – Chaplain