Beaconsfield Neighbourhood Zone

Zone Protocol 

A Neighbourhood zone has been introduced to Beaconsfield Primary School to help support students and their families by providing guaranteed access to their local school.

First round placements are offered to children who reside within the zone boundary, proof of residence is required as stated below.

Second round placement is then offered to siblings of existing children that are enrolled at Beaconsfield Primary school.  All enrolments for siblings need to be lodged at the school office by 28 June 2019.  Siblings will be notified of availability by 2 August 2019. No proof of residence is required.

Where an ‘enrolment cap’ has not been reached, students living outside the boundary may be offered a place. This will be determined by geographical proximity from the boundary.  Proof of residence is required as stated below. All expressions of interest are to be lodged to Beaconsfield Primary school by 2 August 2019 .  We will notify you with the outcome from the 16 August 2019.

Filing of paperwork does not constitute acceptance of enrolment.

In order to determine eligibility to enrol, families must provide proof of residential address as set out below.  At least two pieces of evidence, one from each of list A and list B, must be provided in original form:

List A:

  • Council rate notice or listing from council’s rates database
  • Residential lease or bond lodgment receipt – lease must be at least 12 months duration, no temporary or short term contracts will be accepted.

List B:

  • Utility bill – gas, water, electricity, phone – must be less than eight weeks old
  • Drivers license
  • Bank statement – must be less than eight weeks old
  • Applicants may also be called on to sign a statutory declaration as a proof of residential address.

The school reserves the right to undertake further checks should it consider that insufficient proof is provided.  Addresses provided may be checked on the electoral roll.

Please use the following website to determine which school zone you are in

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