School Council

School Council Members

Parent Representatives:

President:                 Tammy McHattie

Vice President :      Donna Swan

Catherine Pattinson

Brett Lynn

Ken Jewitt

Doug Grant

Kristy Ratten

Peter Shearer

Teacher Representatives:

Gary Methven

Linda Amos

Heidi Inglis

Cathryn Speed

Sonya Nori

School Council usually meets on the third Monday of each month. It is made up of teachers and parents whose duties include:

Educational policies, care and maintenance of buildings and grounds, cleaning services, financial management, promoting the school and after school care.

Subcommittees: These groups undertake tasks on behalf of school council and bring forward recommendations for decisions. They include, Finance, Curriculum, Grounds & Buildings, Uniform and Parents and Friends.

Nominations for School Council are called for in March at the start of each New Year.